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Eminence Organic Skin Care Products - Spa at Fountain Park

Why Eminence Organic Skin Care Products?

We prefer Eminence Organic Skin Care products because they are:

  • Produced without warming or hydrogenating procedures to preserve vitamin and nutrient content.
  • Made from naturally organic grown herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables.
  • Enhanced with minerals and trace essentials drawn from a warm air geyser freshwater and
    found nowhere else on earth.
  • Prepared to deal with a varied variability of skin worries, comprising early ageing and wrinkling, sun harm,
    spots and damage radiance.
  • Made from the invention of ecological agricultural practices.

Organic Hungarian Facial

One of the professional services you can find, offered at Spa at Fountain Park is an Organic Hungarian Facial. This organic skin care treatment uses products from plants such as rose, sour cherry, jasmine, and paprika. Organic Hungarian Facial is the perfect skin care treatment and is becoming enormously popular in New Orleans spas and beauty salon gradually, as women came to know about its benefits. It is the best skin care treatment in town. Our exclusive, Hungarian Facials are world prominent because we use Eminence Organic Skincare Products. It is an exceptional Hungarian anti-ageing massage practice known as “Organic Botox,” as well as ice contraction that helps to lessen the presence of fine lines and helps stiffen the skin. You can only discover this technique at Spa at Fountain Park.

Organic Hungarian Facial - Spa at Fountain Park

Fountain of Youth Organic Hungarian Facial

It provides with detailed Skin Analysis, Steaming, Skin Cleansing, Exfoliation, Anti-Aging Ice Constriction, Peel & Clearing Spices, Withdrawals, Additional Eye and Lip Rejuvenation Treatment. We also provide with Extended Hungarian Massage for Face, Neckline, Shoulder & Arms at Spa at Fountain Park.

This treatment is unlike any new treatment, and our skilled aestheticians offer price and proficiency that is incomparable in the Hungarian facial.

60 minute $ 110
90 minute $ 135

Fountain Signature Organic Facial

Experience the cleanest, bio-dynamic facial on earth, featuring the harmonizing and hydrating properties of eucalyptus and calendula oils. Absorb the vital vitamins and antioxidants of hawthorn and bearberry to reconcile and reinstate your skin and to leave it soft and smooth. Lively masques enhances and revitalize your skin with radish seed, melon, and primrose.

60 minute $ 85
90 minute $ 110

Fountain Blueberry Bliss Anti-Aging Facial

It is the influential, multi-purpose treatment that helps to protect and tenor the skin while decreasing the presence of wrinkles and fine lines. Powerful exfoliators that are derived from sugar cane exposed trails to supply vitamins, antioxidants and peptides deep down under the skin, where lively cell creates. An antioxidant mask benefits your skin in rejuvenating at a quicker rate and safeguards against free radicals.

60 minute $ 95
90 minute $ 125

Fountain Arctic Berry Brightening Facial

Fountain Arctic Berry Brightening Facial is suitable for all skin types. This beauty treatment exfoliate, stimulate and brighten the skin. Featuring a 3-stage peel and peptide system using superb mixture of arctic berries, hibiscus seed extract and lingonberry seed oil. This natural but active system has profits aiming aging and hyperactive pigmentation as well as delicate, rosacea and even spots susceptible skin.

60 minute $ 95
90 minute $ 125

Fountain Sensitive Skin Facial

If you’ve ever wriggled with spots on your skin, have issues with rosacea or have delicate skin that requires extra care, then this is the facial made for you. We use high class, specialized organic products that are specially prepared to pacify the skin and relieve from the cure of skin.

60 minutes $ 85
90 minutes $ 100

Fountain Refresher Facial

Little time? The Fountain Refresher Facial includes a cleaner, exfoliation, masquerade and neckline massage that will ease and rejuvenate you in just 30 minutes.

30 minutes $ 55

Image Skin Care Services

Image Skin Care Products & Services - Spa at Fountain Park

Image Vital C Facial

The Image Vital C Facial is a great antioxidants that is perfect for dried up/dehydrated, rosacea-susceptible and delicate skin type due to severe ecological stressors. An opulent mixture of natural botanicals produces a calming and vigorous method to recover skin.

30 minute $ 45
60 minute $ 80

Image Signature Face lift

Our Image Signature Face Lift, marks determined skin treatments that actually will modify the IMAGE of your skin in just one sitting. Vitamin C, Beta Hydroxyl Acids and Alpha are mild but yet active enzymes that accelerate cellular turnover lifting, constriction and enhancing all skin types, even sensitive ones.

60 minute $ 85

Image Chemical Peels (acne, lightening, etc)

Blemishes is a very peculiar, very worrying skin disorder for many individuals. Spa at Fountain Park’s Image Chemical Peels provide a powerful dosage of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to eliminate impurities and clear spots rapidly. Combined with calming botanicals to tranquil annoyed acne scratches as it reconciles, you will notice a change in your skin the very first time you use it. It is an easing extremely active facial treatment that blends kojic and lactic acids with a mixture of lifting agents to lessen pigment and the inflammation began by Rosacea.

60 minute $ 95


It comforts by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also eliminates thickened coarse skin due to the influence of ecological aspects. Microdermabrasion lessens the presence of marks caused by sun damage. It also cures acne and acne damaging, lessens the presence of exposed holes by cleaning out oil build-up and removes white and blocked pores. Extra cure or series may be required for deeper scarring. Microdermabrasion can be added with the Organic Signature Facial and Organic Facials.

Microdermabrasion $ 75
Microdermabrasion With organic facials $ 125

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