Organic Massage Services: Trusted By Clients From New Orleans, LA

Signature Massage

Signature Massage mixes fluid actions with deeper healing skills to ease up your mind and body and enrich comfort. Just to get rid of your body pain and provide a complete sense of comfort; this massage is customized as per client’s desires. Signature Massage just releases your bad temper and uneasiness revitalizing your body from the hectic schedule of your life.

Signature Massage New Orleans, LA
60-minute signature massage $ 75
75-minute signature massage $ 90
90-minute signature massage $ 120
2- hour signature massage $ 150

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage works amazingly to discharge muscle stiffness providing a deep soreness relieve. Our Deep Tissue Massage relaxes scar tissue and grows muscles. It is worth to have a Deep Therapeutic Massage if you suffer from sustained injuries. As therapist, we do it with force to relieve you from chronic pain and you can feel that you are on cloud nine.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage New Orleans, LA
60-minute deep tissue massage $100
75-minute deep tissue massage $125
90-minute deep tissue massage $150

Aromatherapy Organic Massage

Pure vital oils are combined with the Swedish Massage technique to give you a definitive stress-releasing feel. Aromatherapy Organic Massage helps to stimulate circulation and give you the feeling of harmony and peace, balancing your body, mind and soul. Massage combined with organic essential oils comfort you by helping to get rid of strain. It increases your liveliness and improves your mental alertness. The result of the therapy is to convert negative mind conditions and actions into optimistic ones. The therapeutic influence of flower essences takes you to another world rejuvenating you from within.

Aromatherapy Organic Massage New Orleans, LA
60-minute aromatherapy organic massage $85
75-minute aromatherapy organic massage $100
90-minute aromatherapy organic massage $125

Mimosa Champagne Organic Massage

Mimosa Champagne Organic Massage has the healing power that regenerates and repairs skin. It has relaxing properties that helps to moisturize skin and also lessens the appearance of wrinkles. It just discharges trauma and relaxes your mind. It rejuvenates and hydrates the skin membrane making you look beautiful.

Mimosa Champagne Organic Massage New Orleans, LA
60-minute Mimosa Champagne Organic Massage $85
75-minute Mimosa Champagne Organic Massage $100
90-minute Mimosa Champagne Organic Massage $125

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is just based on a typical massage therapy. Flat, smooth stones are heated and kept on crucial parts of the body. We make use of heated stones and personalized skills to massage softly and cherish the body. It creates miracles for back pains, improves poor circulation, arthritis, insomnia and depression. It just allows muscles to relax and set it free.

Hot Stone Massage New Orleans, LA
60-minute hot stone massage $100
75-minute hot stone massage $125
90-minute hot stone massage $150

Mommy-to-Be | Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy Massage relieves from unhappiness and lessens the pain related to the prenatal period. It also improves body circulation, lowers nervousness and improves siesta. It is linked with improved delivery results. Continuous body changes during pregnancy stage create discomforts. A Prenatal Massage can relieve uneasiness comprising of low back pain. Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranial Sacral and our Signature Massage are all frequently used in Prenatal Massage. We take every single precaution to make you feel safe for self and your un-born baby. Get in touch with us for best services in the town.

NOTE: Prenatal massage requires a physician’s written approval.

Mommy-to-Be | Prenatal Massage New Orleans, LA
50-minute prenatal massage $80

Couples Massage

Some pairs, love being together every minute of their lives. A romantic Couples Massage gives a pleasant experience of being together to appreciate the company of each other. Couples Massage is an exceptional attachment experience that releases strain and stiffness. Our unique mixture of perfumed essential oils will leave you feeling stress-free and revitalized. We know there are too many couples in New Orleans, LA waiting for an extra quality time together, well this massage is for you guys. Make your love purified from the within. Moreover we have additional spa services for men as well, so they have no excuse for not coming along.

Couples Massage New Orleans, LA
60-minute signature couples massage $ 175
90-minute signature couples massage $ 250
60-minute Deep tissue couples massage $ 200
90-minute Deep tissue couples massage $ 300
60-minute Aromatherapy Organic couples massage $ 170
90-minute Aromatherapy Organic couples massage $ 200
60-minute Mimosa Champagne couples massage $ 170
90-minute Mimosa Champagne couples massage $ 200
60-minute Hot Stone couples massage $ 200
90-minute Hot Stone couples massage $ 300

Signature Special Massage Packages:

60 min - 3 sessions $ 200
60 min - 5 sessions $ 300
60 min - 10 sessions $ 550
75 min - 3 sessions $ 225
75 min - 5 sessions $ 400
75 min - 10 sessions $ 750
90 min - 3 sessions $ 300
90 min - 5 sessions $ 475
90 min - 10 sessions $ 900

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