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 Xtreme Eyelash Extensions & Makeup Services New Orleans, LA

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions New Orleans, LA

Xtreme Eyelashes


We specialize in airbrush makeup application, traditional makeup, bridal, tattoo covering and xtreme eyelash extension. Airbrushing is essential for HDTV and digital photography. Only micro-fine airbrush makeup can create a natural, flawless appearance. Traditional makeup can look even across the face to the naked eye, but when viewed through HDTV and digital photography, the foundation can look uneven, streaked or splotchy. However; airbrush makeup the liquid color goes on in fine microdots that mimic color pixels used by technology. The tiny dots lay on the surface of the face so smoothly, the finish is a flawless, stunning, beautiful face. Spa at Fountain Park in Harvey, LA also offers services to areas like New Orleans and Marrero in Louisiana.


Basic Traditional Make-up Application $ 65
Traditional Make-up with Strip Lashes $ 75
Airbrush Makeup $ 125
Airbrush Makeup with Strip Lashes $ 135
Tattoo Covering $ 50 and up

Brides / Wedding Make-up

Brides / Wedding Make-up $ 125 ( includes preliminary session )

Service includes a consultation for the bride to determine the right colors and application and full make-up day of wedding.

NOTE : If Brides has 8 or more bride’s maids she receives her make-up services for FREE!

Brides Maids/Bridal Party Make-up $ 65
Brides Maids/Bridal Party Make-up with Strip Lashes $ 75
Make-up Lesson (60 mins.) $ 75

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

Full Set of Faux Mink HD Lashes $ 250
Full Set of Faux Mink Lashes $ 200
Full Set of Synthetic Lashes $ 175
Color Eyelash Extensions other than black $ 225

Xtreme Eyelash Extensions Re-Lash

Re-Lash every 2-3weeks $ 85
Re-Lash every 4weeks $ 100

Please Note: You must have 50% or more eyelash extension remaining for re-lash or you will be charged for a full set. Best to schedule every 2-3 weeks to maintain natural beautiful looking lashes.

Lash Rehab $ 300

(This includes a full set of eyelash extension and bottle eyelash vitamin serum to promote strong natural lash growth)

Xtreme Lashes Expert Services New Orleans, - Spa at Fountain Park
Certified Xtreme Lash Stylist - Veronica White - Spa at Fountain Park
Xtreme Lash Stylist Training - Result Difference - Spa at Fountain Park


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